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Kingma Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Established in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China in 2007, Guangdong Kingma Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the high-tech enterprises specialized in R&D, production and sale of automatic silkscreen printing machines, automatic drying equipment and curved surface printing machines. Since its foundation, Kingma always adheres philosophy based on :”customers’ requirements , what we are thingking.” and has built a renowned industry brand “Kingma”. At present, Kingma is committed to the implementation of three major strategies for brand promotion – digitalization, automation and internationalization. 
So far Kingma has obtained 89 national invention patents and patents for utility models. In 2017, Kingma has been listed in National High-tech Enterprises of China for the first time and rated as the Vice President of China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA), which comes up to the domestic advanced level in industrial technology, product quality and customer service. 
Now the Company has three big brands – Kingma, ChainSun and Cheemo, with its products involving 3C digital, 3C accessories, home appliances, automobile, energy, medical , communication and other industries, which has successfully developed a variety of models of online-used automatic silkscreen printers and drying equipment for many well-known enterprises sponsored by foreign investors and investors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. Particularly, the high precision and superior performance of the Company’s equipment lines have been widely recognized and highly praised by customers. 
Kingma constantly concentrates on the R&D and manufacture of intelligent silkscreen printing machines of high-end electronics industry, with its main products of full-automatic perfecting silkscreen printing machines, full-automatic CCD image mapping silkscreen printing machines, full-automatic double-table electric precision silkscreen printing machines, multi-purpose PCB silkscreen printing machines, full-automatic appliance glass silkscreen printing machines, full-automatic photovoltaic glass silkscreen printing machines, automatic supporting special assembly line for silk-screen printing, etc. 
Chuansong mainly works on the R&D and manufacture of automatic drying equipment, with its main products of side-clamped automatic heating air conveyor furnace, infrared hot-blast air horizontal conveyor furnace, precision suspension conduction oil conveyor furnace, infrared/IR hot-blast air tunnel furnace, double-row bearing paging hot-blast air conveyor furnace, precision suspension conveyor furnace, single-row bearing paging hot-blast air conveyor furnace, double-frame precision hot-blast air conveyor furnace, etc.
Cheemo is mainly occupied in R&D, design and manufacture of special-shaped curved-surface intelligent printing equipment, with its main products of one-step process bottle blowing machine, curved-surface silkscreen printers, curved-surface gilding press, curved-surface labelling machine, etc. 
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