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PCB Fully Automatic Screen Printing Line-Automatic CCD Registering PCB Screen Printing Line (sheet)
Product Name:Automatic CCD Registering PCB Screen Printing Line (sheet)
Name:Automatic CCD Registering PCB Screen Printing Line (sheet)
Application: Suitable for welding process printing of double-side and multi-layer plate

● The whole line includes 1 automatic plug printing machine, 1 ink flattening machine and 1 set of one-piece full -automatic printing machine (Including A-side printing, panel turning and B-side printing). Compare with the traditional printing press, could saving over30% of workshop area.
●  Printing machine adopts four-column structure (2 main column + 2 auxiliary column) + original imported CCD alignment system, to ensure that the printing accuracy of large size products (Structure Patent.) 
● By adopting Japanese latest XYθ alignment platform structure, alignment function and printing frame mesh frame do not interfere each other. It can ensure the alignment structure durable, reduce machine parts wear, ensure accuracy for a long time. 
● The whole machine is made of imported components from Germany/ Italy/ Japan and other countries, which ensure the machine is stable and durable, and expand its life span.
● With double mesh and mesh frame displacement function. 
● It can choose to quickly install combined nail bed, save refueling time, improve production capacity. 
● Unique design of the whole machine, Alignment , printing, turning action do not interfere each other, independent completion, transmission structure is compact, efficiency increased over 20%.
● With block point net and automatic compensation function. 

Model: KM-ZLSY63120/CCD KM-ZLSY6373/CCD
Max.Printing Area(YxX): 630*1250mm 630*730mm
Min. Printing Area(YxX): 450*600mm 450*300mm
Max. Frame Size(YxX): 1000*1800(Adjustable 1000*1300mm(Adjustable
Work Table Size(YxX): 750*1400mm 750*1150mm
Mechanical Speed: Solder resist 4-5 Pcs/min Solder resist 5-6 Pcs/min
CCD Alignment Accuracy: ±0.005mm ±0.005mm
Printing Thickness: 0.6-3mm 0.6-3mm
Mechanical Repetition Accuracy: ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Operating Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa 0.5-0.7Mpa
Power: 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Machine Dimension(L*W*H): 18500*1650*2300mm 13500*1650*2300mm

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