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PCB various ink Screen Printing Machine-Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printing Machine
Product Name:Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printing Machine
Name::Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printing Machine
Usage: Suitable for automatic printing of text and various ink
● Automatic feeding →CCD alignment → Printing → Discharging, Full-automatic operation, innovative screen frame lifting mechanism, superior performance, high precision, fast speed. 
● Machine adopts top level configuration with brand parts and CCD automatic alignment system, which originally imported from Germany/ Italy/ Japan 
● Servo motor off-grid, realize synchronous off-grid function, and it is the effectively solution for preventing the phenomenon of sticking to the net. Image system multi-value processing, do not restricted by the image, any graphics can be used as the target.
● Servo motor drive printing, fast and stable, to ensure the printing accuracy; printing frame rising servo drive, the whole machine running smoothly, low noise. 
● Servo motor drives plate transfer, with electromagnet adsorption, positioning accurately 
● The machine parameters can be operated from the touch screen interface, and the network distance, height, speed, etc., can be adjusted digitally, easy to operate.
Model: KM-FZ5562/CCD KM-FZ6373/CCD
Max. Printing Area(Y x X): 550*620mm 630*730mm
Min. Printing Area(Y x X): 350*350mm 350*350mm
Max. Frame Size(Y x X): 1100*1000 (Adjustable 1200*1100mm (Adjustable
Table Size(Y x X): 950*800mm 1050*900mm
Mechanical Speed: 10-11 Pcs/min 9-10 Pcs/min
CCD Alignment Accuracy: ±0.005mm ±0.005mm
Printing Thickness: 0.6-3mm 0.6-3mm
Mechanical Repetition Accuracy: ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Operating Air Pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa 0.5-0.7Mpa
Power: 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Machine Dimension: 3650*1800*2200mm 4120*1800*2200mm
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