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Welding proof pre oven-Infrared Hot Air Horizontal Conveying Furnace
Product Name:Infrared Hot Air Horizontal Conveying Furnace
Name:Infrared Hot Air Horizontal Conveying Furnace
Purpose:PCB board drying and baking、FPC board drying and baking、PC drying and baking、Glass drying and baking
●Far infrared heater has fast heating speed and no heat transfer on the furnace surface.
●Suitable for automatic printing press, PCB spraying and coating machine and other printing equipment. 
●Teflon mesh conveyor belt is durable and no dust production, both V-shaped stainless steel strip transfer or PCB double-sided roller coating machine can be used ;
●Optional upper and lower double-sided heating design, which ensures internal temperature uniform. 
●With overheating fault alarm indicator function, more safety. 
●Simple interface operation, easy maintenance, long service life
Use Size: PCB board thickness :0.8-2.6mm, PCB size: Min. 310*310mm,Max. 630*725mm
Exhaust air rate: 8-12 m/s
Production rate; 7~10 pcs/min
Temp. control: There is an independent temperature controller for each heating section, and high performance SSR is used to improve the temperature accuracy
Heating device: Special black body infrared electric heater, more uniform heat generation, higher heat exchange coefficient, longer service life
Feeding mode: Horizontal transmission
Motor drive: ①Three-phase motor, with frequency converter and positioning system to make the fixture  transmit stably
②PTFE mesh conveyor belt , more durable and stable.
③Modular drive components, saving maintenance time
Control interface: Humanized vertical operation panel, touch screen, combined with operation convenience and maintenance convenience

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