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Welding proof pre oven-Suspended Type Hot Air Conveying Furnace
Product Name:Suspended Type Hot Air Conveying Furnace
Name: Suspended Type Hot Air Conveying Furnace
Purpose:PCB anti-welding pre-baking
●Uniform temperature: PID temperature controller, with high performance SSR to improve temperature accuracy
●Stable transmission: improved structure, do not contact the surface, horizontal feed
●Easy operation and maintenance: touch screen panel operation + each section has an independent door maintenance door
Energy saving and high efficiency: welding resistance tunnel type oven, suspension type patent splint structure
●The air inlet is equipped with a filter to avoid secondary pollution
Machine name: Hanging Heat Air Conveying Furnace
Use size: PCB board thickness: 0.3-3.2mm, PCB size:A.630*730mm B.730*1250mm C.1250*1250mm
Exhaust air rate: 8-12 m/s
Electricity demand: AC380V 50Hz 3N 135Kw
Air source demand: 20L/min,5KG/c㎡,1/4”PTconnector or Φ12tube
Heating device: Special efficient ceramic electric heater, more uniform heat generation, higher heat exchange coefficient, longer service life
Temperature: Room temperature range from +10℃ to Max. 80℃, can be set freely according to requirements, usually 75℃
Feeding mode: The vacuum adsorption is combined with the mechanical arm to make the PCB hang vertically into the board
Motor drive: ①Three-phase motor, with frequency converter and positioning system to make the fixture positioning and transmitting stably
②PTFE mesh conveyor belt , more durable and stable.
③Modular drive components, saving maintenance time
Control interface: Humanized vertical operation panel, touch screen, combined with operation convenience and maintenance convenience

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