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    Intelligent Manufacturing with Craftmanship for Twenty Years
    With twenty years of growth and development and boasting its professional technical team, experienced production and manufacturing team and outstanding after-sales service team, Guangdong KINGMA is a modern high-tech enterprise engaged in process, machinery, software R&D, intelligent manufacturing and sales & services of silkscreen printing. As a subsidiary of KINGMA , Guangdong Cheemo Intelligent Equipment Co, Ltd. has been specialized in professional R&D and intelligent manufacturing of a variety of curved surface printers, gilding press and automatic, multifunctional equipment cables by the long-lasting craftsman's spirit. The equipment is operated under full servo system, which is appropriate to high-quality printing for plastics and glass bottles as well as various canned products, such as tubular products of medicine, beauty & make-up, wine and fishing tackles industries.  

    Independent R&D Capability for Intelligence and High Efficiency
    The Company has been deeply committed to the manufacture of silkscreen printing equipment with in-depth research of customers’ requirements on product process and product production, which will make every endeavor to provide more efficient, intelligent devices and superior services. The technical team always concentrates on the research and development to master the core technology and the Company has obtained almost 100 national patents for invention, patents for utility models and design patents. Now the Company has successfully developed multiple new models of equipment for many well-known circuit board production enterprises sponsored by foreign investors and investors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. The automatic silkscreen printers and drying equipment used online and the high precision and superior performance of the equipment production line have won critical acclaim from our customers. The self-developed supporting control system for the equipment, including high-level configuration of CCD positioning, occident famous brand gadgets and full-touch mode of operation, make the device a point-and-shoot  equipment that is easy to operate, which has greatly improved the speed of production. The production line for printers has fully achieved unmanned production and integrated operation, which truly satisfies the customers’ needs of convenient, high-efficiency, high-precision and rapid production. anned products, such as tubular products of medicine, beauty & make-up, wine and fishing tackles industries.  

    Elaborate Production with Warranty
    The Company always adheres to the Cheemo spirit of “Commitment with Craftsmanship”, “Customers’ Needs First ”and “Innovation for Win-Win Results” with shared values, which has already made the corporate culture deeply integrated into all kinds of businesses, so as to reach the overall goals in corporate strategic development of achieving “end-to-end automation for the life sciences industry”.
    “Quality lies in Technology; Level depends on Attitude”. With the intelligent control system independently developed by Cheemo and its manufacturing experience, Cheemo is committed to manufacture of more specialized, energy-efficient, high-efficiency and high-precision printing machinery with more professional and considerate technical support and service, so as to provide guarantee for customers’ efficient production.