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KINGMA Will Appear at CPCA International Electroni

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KINGMA Will Appear at CPCA International Electronic Circuit Exhibition
We sincerely invite you to meet at Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center from March 22 to 24

(National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai))

As a senior expert of PCB automatic printing + drying integrated solution, Kinma Printing Machinery will be invited to participate in the exhibition.

Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and organized by China Electronic Circuit Industry Association and Shanghai Yingzhan Exhibition Service Co., LTD., 2023 International Electronic Circuit (Shanghai) Exhibition will be held in Hall 7.1 and Hall 8.1 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from March 22-24, 2023. At that time, Kingma Printing Machinery will attend as scheduled at No. 8S36 booth. Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide.

Kingma Printing Machinery Co., LTD
 No. 8S36 Booth
Welcome to visit and guide
Tel: 0760-22600226
Exhibition time: March 22-24, 2023
Exhibition link: www.cpcashow.com
Exhibition venue
National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) Hall 7.1H, Hall 8.1H
Exhibition address
333 Songze Avenue, Shanghai

Kingma PCB automatic printing + drying integrated solution, received extensive attention from domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers, operators, industry customers. At that time, Kingma will grandly launch the latest four-column three-machine connection, two-column one-piece automatic CCD image matching screen printing machine, automatic side card tunnel furnace and other automatic PCB printing drying equipment.

(Fully Automatic 3-in-1 Screen Printing line)

This 3-in-1 printing machine is the national invention patent model, with 0.2mm diameter +4mil block point net,  special process up to 0.5-0.8mm. By adopting Germany, Japan and other countries brand accessories, quality assurance, no roller transmission, reduce the defective rate. High efficiency, printing speed up more than 15%; High precision, servo precision, precise and controllable safety patented device, double protection, plus counterweight protection. Suitable for sheet plate printing, high precision block point net solder mask printing. Printing lifting adopts 4 axis synchronous screw lifting, more stable, scraping back ink tool with constant pressure system, to ensure uniform printing ink. The whole machine is fully automatic operation, automatic feeding, plug hole, double side solder mask printing,  and discharge supporting pre-oven production line, to help users greatly improve production capacity, save labor and material costs.
(Suspended Hot Air Conveying Furnace)

Suspended hot air conveying furnace, used for double - sided, multi - layer circuit board solder mask pre - baking and drying. Solder resistance tunnel oven, suspended patent splint mechanism, horizontal feeding and automatic printing line, spraying line perfect match, do not contact the layout, improved structure, save space, horizontal air supply, air inlet is equipped with filter, avoid secondary pollution; Independent PID temperature controller, with high performance SSR to improve temperature accuracy, more uniform temperature; Each section is equipped with an independent maintenance door to save on-site maintenance and maintenance time; Touch screen panel, easy to operate.

Product show

Semi-automatic Diagonal Arm Screen Printer                                        Fully Automatic CCD Registering Screen Printer

Printing, drying equipment are imported from Germany, Italy, Japan components, to ensure that the machine stable and durable, to ensure life, for customers to build the best choice of products. Kingma, as the leading manufacturer of fully automatic PCB screen printing machine/drying equipment in China, will continue to be guided by customer demand, continue to increase investment in new product research and development, build the most complete equipment solutions, with highly competitive products and continuous innovation ability to provide our customers with the most reliable, the best quality service!

Past activity

Kingma attended 2018HKPCA & IPC SHOW with the latest PCB printing machine and drying equipment.

2019 CPCA International Electronic Circuit Exhibition(Shanghai)

Kingma attended 2019 CPCA International Electronic Circuit Exhibition(Shanghai)